Licetto paint Guide

LICETTO paint is developed by Pure & Original for spaces that may need regular cleaning. Use:

In the Home > kid's play room, bathroom, kitchen, utility, high traffic areas



Work space

  • Vegan and eco friendly
  • Excellent opacity
  • Finish is matt, smooth and evenly intensely coloured
  • Finish is durable and cleanable
  • Apply in 2 coats 
  • Coverage 9-11 m2 per L per coat
  • On porous walls or old paint layers, prime the surface with WallPrim Pro
  • Apply with roller, brush or paint-spray system
  • Water based
  • Low to no odour
  • Clean tools and/or spillage with water after use
  • Paint in well ventilated areas

Find the full Pure & Original product description and application Guide here.

If you're only need a good wall and ceiling paint that doesn't need regular cleaning but you want the evenly coloured matt finish, we recommend using Classico paint 

Licetto paint Guide