Marrakech Guide


Marrakech Walls is a paint for indoor use allowing for a unique, individual and luxurious paint effect. The paint is 100% mineral and ECO friendly. The concrete /polished plaster style finish has a silky soft feel and is very matt. The final result is determined by the method of the individuals application.


Creating a concrete-, plaster- or tadelakt style finish. Available in the colours of the Pure & Original colour chart

APPLY TO: new or old plaster, painted walls, lime plaster, porous mineral surfaces, concrete plaster, drywall and wood.


Water based, colours made with natural and organic pigments. This special paint is ready to use. 

Finish: matt (unless sealed & polished with Italian Wax), with some colour depth variations. 

  • 100% mineral
  • Very environment and vegan friendly, sustainable paint
  • Coverage 5-7 m2 per L
  • Little to no odour
  • Water vapour permeable (keeps walls breathable)
  • VOC free
  • Solvent free
  • Tension free
  • No synthetic binders
  • Bacteria and mould repellent
  • Non-flammable


Painted walls, newly plastered walls, (non-woven) wallpaper, lime plaster, concrete plaster, porous mineral stone, aerated concrete, drywall, plaster blocks, wood and other mineral surfaces.

Are available according to the Pure & Original colour card. Note: Because it is a natural product characterised by colour nuances, the presence of lime in the paint will make the colour appear lighter and greyer. The lime effect is more clearly visible with darker colours.

Basic information for white paint at 20°C

Specific gravity

Solids content

Gloss level 60 degrees

Gloss experience


Ph value

Flash point

Resistant up to


Legal EU-limit

Product content

VOC classification

1,40 g/cm3

+/- 40%


Chalk matt to high gloss



None 80°C





The surface must be suitable for lime paint (absorbent and non-water repellent). The surface should not have texture and/or imperfections. The surface that you will paint should be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease. With proper surface preparation you achieve a durable and wonderful finish. Remove all surface dirt and loose layers of paint, including any rust. Sand any glossy surfaces until matt. Remove or clean any grease, humidity or nicotine stains with a suitable cleaning product and rinse if necessary.


Recommendation: make a test board first so you can test and try the style of finish you'd like to achieve. 


Apply 1-2 coats of Pure & Original WALLPRIM PRO locally to fillers, repair patches etc, 

Follow applying WallPrim Pro to the entire surface. Highly absorbent surfaces may require 2 coats.

On dry wall, lime plaster and cement plaster: apply Pure & Original WallFIX to stabilise the surface prior to applying WallPrim Pro. 

On wood: de-grease thoroughly, sand and clean. Leave to dry fully. Prime with Pure & Original OmniPrim. Note: Marrakech Walls paint is not suitable to use on tropical, high oil content wood types. 

Paint application

Use in temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius. 

Stir well and mix the required paint together in one large bucket to optimise its consistency in texture and colour. 

Apply the paint with roller or brush. The paint should be applied from a dry surface to the wet already painted part, in manageable patches to avoid overlaps; corners and cutting not to be done prior. Finish the whole surface/wall in one go without pause.

Do not paint in direct sunlight. Apply the paint in a relatively thick layer. As soon as the paint starts to dry (and BEFORE it's dry) you can start to manipulate the paint with the Pure & Original Marrakech Walls spatula. With the spatula you can control the level of texture and trowel-effects you’d like to see in the finish.

After drying you opt to apply a second coat.

For a soft, more “polished” effect, after the paint has fully dried and cured, lightly sand the wall with 400-grit paper or higher and dust off with a soft brush. For extra nuance and shine, lightly scrape the wall with a clean Marrakech Walls spatula.

Failing to comply with the advice for preparation, application, methods and drying times can influence the finish. 

Clean hands, spillage and tools after use immediately with water and a mild detergent. 

Recoating after after approx 8 hours. Colour become more intense after application of multiple layers. Full drying and curing time approx 7 days. Clean hands, spillage and tools immediately with water.For a high-gloss result, apply 2 layers of Pure & Original Italian Wax, both layers need to be polished with a polishing machine or a dry cloth. Italian Wax makes the surface water resistant. Always read the product technical information before using the product.

The Marrakech finish is beautiful as it is, however it is porous and prone to water, dirt or grease marks. Should you want to seal and protect:

After 7 days, you can opt to SEAL and PROTECT; there are 3 options >   1. Tadelakt finish: apply Pure & Original Lime Soap until the surface is saturated. This also makes the colour nuances deeper and richer. Lime Soap makes the surface lightly cleanable. Always read the product technical information before using the product. This is not suitable for the shower cubicle! > 2. Dead Flat Eco Sealer for protection and a lightly cleanable surface. Ideal for high traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Apply in 2-3 thin coats with a good quality roller or brush. Matt finish.  >  3. Italian Wax for protection and lovely soft gloss finish. Apply in 2-3 coats with a clean lint free cloth and buff to a shine.


Shelf life: 12 months. Keep in original packaging and in a dry and frost-free place. Coloured Marrakech Walls paint has a shelf life of 6 months. Colours may experience a change in colour over time, this is inherent to this mineral product. Separation of components may occur; mixing the paint thoroughly brings it back to the useable condition.  Disposal guide

Empty pots and dried up paint Remaining paint

Household waste

Household hazardous waste

LEGAL REGULATIONS: The user of this product must abide by the national health, safety, and environmental laws.

TECHNICAL ADVICE: Not all actual possible surfaces and their treatments can be dealt with in this technical information brochure. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your supplier for advice in specific situations. This technical information has been compiled according to the latest painting techniques. Liability for general validity of this advice must be rejected, because application and working techniques are beyond our influence and major differences in the types of surface continually call for an adjustment of the procedure according to the insight of a competent user.

SAFETY: This paint irritates skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash carefully with a lot of water and immediately consult a doctor. Keep the paint outside of children's reach. Ventilate well during the application and drying process.

DISCLAIMER: The information in our specification sheets and the technical advice - whether orally, in writing or in the form of a demonstration - is intended as a guide and is given with our best intention and in good faith. The information is based on years of practical experience and research, but gives no guarantee, since application skills and conditions our beyond our control. For more information, you can contact our dealers or consult our website. We cannot be held liable for the performance of products that result from improper use or that are beyond the value of the goods supplied by us. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Marrakech Guide