Our Paint Types Explained

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CLASSICO chalk paint 
For walls, ceilings and furniture. The finish is very matt with deep colouring for a perfect wall finish or painted furniture.
  • Professional water based paint
  • For a very matt block colour finish
  • Can be rubbed back to create a shabby chic finish (furniture)
  • If required painted furniture can be given a finish with Pure & Original's Italian Wax
  • Environmentally friendly and colours are created with natural pigments
  • Excellent coverage (10-12 m2 per litre), application of 1-2 coats 
  • Classico chalk paint can normally be applied without a primer
  • Apply with roller or brush
  • Available in all the Pure & Original colours and most RAL colours

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FRESCO lime paint

100% mineral based paint; mostly used on walls for a charismatic and authentic lime paint finish. Lime paint is a type of paint that's been around for centuries and is was re-created by Pure & Original to a lime paint with excellent quality making it suitable for both contemporary and period interiors. 

  • Creates authentic walls with colour-depth variations
  • Professional water based paint
  • Durable and can be made wipeable after applying Pure & Original's Dead Flat Eco Sealer
  • For a glossy finish and sealer: apply Italian Wax
  • Environmentally friendly and colours are created with natural pigments
  • Excellent coverage (10-12 m2 per litre), apply 2 coats to create the colour depth variations
  • Requires Pure & Original Wallprim Pro prior to application
  • Application with Pure & Original Fresco Brush Pro, cloth or sponge
  • Fresco is available in the Pure & Original colours 

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MARRAKECH wall paint

100% mineral based paint to create the unique tadelakt or polished concrete walls.

  • Allowing you to create unique much In Vogue walls, with depth and colour
  • Easy to apply, as you can see on our instruction video
  • Use the Marrakech Trowel to create the characteristic finish
  • Durable and can be finished with Pure & Original's Lime Soap, Dead Flat Eco Sealer or Italian Wax
  • Thick paint with excellent coverage (5-7 m2/litre)
  • Requires Pure & Original Wallprim Pro prior to application, which can be tinted to colour
  • Marrakech is available in most of the Pure & Original colours
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                         Marrakech Technical Sheet Part 3 
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TRADITIONAL PAINT - eggshell matt, water based paint. 

  • For use on wood both interior or exterior.
  • Available eggshell matt (gloss in 2021)
  • Durable and easy to apply with brush or spray paint system
  • Use on all wood, MDF, radiators, PVC, metal
  • Excellent coverage (10-12 m2/litre)
  • Use with our primers, which can be tinted to colour
  • Available in Pure & Original colours and many RAL colours
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CALX KALEI - a special (exterior) wall paint 
  • Keeps walls breathable
  • Creates a water repellent and algae resistant exterior finish 
  • Based on ancient recipes Calx Kalei is the improved version
  • This paint comes ready to use and is easy to apply with a brush
  • Can be used exterior as well as interior
  • The substructure form (masonry for instance) will remain partly visible
  • Excellent coverage (8 m2/litre)
  • Finish: smooth and matt, available in Pure & Original light and mid-tone colours
  • Special order only; please enquire.


  • For extra clean-able walls
  • Matt, even coloured and durable finish
  • Superb coverage (9-11 m2 per L/coat)
  • Water based 
  • Excellent for high traffic areas, bathrooms, kitchens and commercial/hospitality spaces. This paint is excellent for use in kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas and commercial spaces.
  • Available in the Pure & Original colours

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pure & original classico chalk paint walls in earthy tones interior by hannah bort styling
Our Paint Types Explained